Why Emirates ID?

If you are residing and working in Dubai as a UAE national, GCC national residing in UAE, or a resident, then you have the right to receive your Emirates ID card.
This will definitely be helpful for you to get around Dubai.
In order to get your ID card, you will need to visit the FAIC Customer Happiness Center and present all the documents needed. This is where we come in.

Why us?

We are an authorized consultancy center that deals with all government issuance. That said, we are very aware of the process of getting your ID card and how difficult it may be.

This is why you should choose us.

A comprehensive knowledge of the residency system in Dubai.

All the experience in dealing with paperwork and transactions from government bodies.

We will deal with all the government bodies and transactions that take place.

We create a simple and direct method of getting everything done for you.

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