What is DHA?

DHA stands for the Dubai Health Authority, which is a government institution that oversees the health system in Dubai. This also focuses on providing services through DHA healthcare facilities, which includes hospitals, specialty centers, and DHA primary health centers.

If you are a business owner within the health sector, you will need to register a DHA license in order to practice. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) also provides any form of trading in the health sector and/or a medical fitness service.

The DHA is definitely for you, if health business is your focus, which is why we bring you our DHA services to simplify any processes.

Why us?

We are a certified consultancy center that has years of experience in DHA services and the field of health in general. Here is why you should work with us:

  • Years of experience and extensive knowledge in the sector.
  • Full guidance and service from our staff of professionals.
  • A delivery service straight to your door.
  • We will handle all transactions and documentations.

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